Students Benefits



“MANAN VIDYA MANRAKHAN MAHTO SCHOOL RATAN” – is awarded to the most outstanding students who excel in studies, conduct, behaviour as well as co-curricular activities (together with 50% remission of the school fees) on the basis of merit during the corresponding year.


The House Forum of Manan Vidya

The house forum of Manan Vidya was formed on 17/04/12. Respective head boys and head girls were declared for all the four houses and duties were assigned to both students and teachers. This develops a spirit of team work and leadership qualities among the students. The students looked too much enthusiastic in these house activities.

What People says

Manan Vidya , Place For Over All Development of Students. School Discipline, Conviction & Education has influenced me so much that I myself decided and enrolled my two children in the school. I noticed a positive change in my children. There was an over all development in my children and were awarded in many fields. School also focuses in personality and skill development of students. Scholl co-operates & supports students according to their interest. Today School is blooming, development a lot and has become one of the reputed school in society within short period. When I evaluated the performance of my children it was clear like mirror, the truth that all credit goes to school only. My children have achieved a lot and passed with excellent marks in “ Board Exam”. Every year the school is giving good result.

Mrs. Madhu Chanda Roy.Parent

Manan Vidya Signifies the Concept of Education, Discipline , Conviction , Practice & Spiritualism In 2007,my husband was transferred to Ranchi. My son ayush Kumar Pandey and daughter Manisha Pandey were studying in one of the dilemma where to admit my children. My husband was working in B.S.N.L and my quarter was also allotted in B.S.N.L campus which is near to school . I enrolled both of my children in Manan Vidya. My daughter passed with good percentage and at present completed B.Tech and working in reputed company. My son too performed excellently with 95% marks in class X. The Chairman , Principal, Director , Vice Principal, Administrator and dedicated & qualified teachers have guided my both the children. Besides academics my both the children are skilled in sports & music . Credit goes to the teachers. I got all that what I wanted for my children for over all development of my children Credit goes to Manan Vidya. From the core of my heart I wish for the bright future of Manan Vidya.

Mrs. Suman PandeyParent